I wanted to go for a long walk.

I am, for whatever reason, drawn to stories of adventure. Not necessarily the Jack Sparrow pirating all over the Caribbean type (although I enjoy those stories too), but the everyday-man picking up and leaving the comfort of his cushy life to find himself in a long hike in the woods.

A good part of me has wanderlust. I have had the feeling for a good chunk (or all?) of my adult life. The need to see the world. To think deeply about it. And to walk away a changed man.

That feeling has always been offset by some pragmatic piece of reality. It costs money. What if I get hurt? I have to work. Blah blah blah. You know, normal stuff that most people think about on any given day.

I’ve been listening to the book “Trespassing Across America” by Ken Ilgunas, living vicariously through his trek across Canada and the US. It has stirred that sense of wanderlust that often lays dormant, suppressed by life’s needs. While I don’t have the urge to hike 2000 miles for months on end through the winter months, it has given me the urge to “get out there” and experience some right-sized adventure.