Working remotely is fantastic. No commute. Working in your pajamas. The ability to concentrate for long periods without distraction. More quality time at home. These are all fantastic things. But where it falls short, in my opinion, is with collaboration and communication.

Its basically impossible to tap your colleague on the shoulder to get some quick advice. No longer are we able to pick up nuanced context on various happenings in the hallways, break room, and water cooler. Its very laborious to foster good relationships with the people you work with. More often than not we just don’t do it.

Filling in these gaps requires some real intention. A personal responsibility to be open to distractions through Slack. Open to more meetings to share ideas. To make it a point to over communicate. And be receptive to others’ over communication. In a way, we need to replace the things we gained by working at home with things that fill in the communication gap.