I’m admittedly a bit lazy. I think the hustle culture is toxic. But I still want to succeed more and fail less. How is that possible while maintaining some sort of life balance. I still want to lay around and do nothing once in a while.

Make success easier by making failure harder. This idea has been floating around in my peripheral for what seems like forever. Its a relatively easy concept to understand. And the path forward may not be as difficult as it seems.

Take losing weight for example. To make failure harder, we could not buy junk food or beer and make sure that those things aren’t easily accessible. When we’re hungry, or want to unwind, we’re less likely to grab those because they just aren’t there.

Removing social media from our phones can make distractions less likely. The ability to concentrate and do deep meaningful work is hard enough when our mind is sharp. Distractions dull our ability to think deeply. We should avoid the ones that don’t serve us. Or at least set up dedicated times to allow ourselves to get distracted.

However you define success, look for opportunities to design your life in a way that makes it easy to be successful.