Life is full of cycles. A common one for me revolves around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise. Food. Sleep. Meditation. Journalism. These things fall away and come back over and over again.

Every September I have my annual physical. I dread it a bit. My white coat syndrome acts up causing my blood pressure to spike which triggers questions from the medical staff … “Do you have high blood pressure?” Regardless, I am happy about what the event represents. Its a chance to reflect on my lifestyle. Specifically whether its in a place that I’m comfortable with. And if not, a chance to make changes to get back towards where I want to be.

This year is no different. On reflection, in the last 365 days I’ve gained over 30 pounds, killed and buried my daily walking habit, stopped meditating and journaling, and ramped up not-good-for-you food and drink consumption. If I squint hard enough, I can pinpoint the reasons for each of those things - a change in schedules due to the kids’ school year, medication for anxiety, Covid disruptions, and so-on. Whatever the reason, it’s time to address them and get back on track.