We moved to Florida for the weather. But not this weather.

Hurricane Ian (source)

After spending the first 35+ years of my life living in New York, my wife and I decided to move the family to Florida. New York is great and all, but the weather. Its brutal. 6+ months of dreariness. Cold. Rain or snow. Blistering summers. And autumns (our favorite time of year) that were way too short (and sometimes non existent.)

Florida – aside from the miserable political scene – has been pretty good to us. We’ve met some great people, there is tons to do here, and the sun shines almost every day. That comes with a cost however (or a few – again, the politics here are ugh.) Hurricanes.

Natives, and those that have been here for long enough to have seen a few hurricanes, generally feed newcomers the same storyline.

“Hurricanes are no big deal lol.”

“We’re far enough inland where we just get a bit of wind and rain.”

“Its an excuse to play hookey from work and party.”

We eventually bought in to that nonsense, but in 2017 Hurricane Irma brought us back to reality. The eye of that storm literally passed over our house. And it was slow – painfully slow. Constant stress, shingles popping off of our roof sounded like gunshots (we were sure the roof was getting torn off), leaky roof and windows. No power or cell reception. In my mind, it was doomsday.

Here we are almost exactly 5 years later with another “I” named storm. Hurricane Ian. Same path as Irma. Same unpredictability. Big. Slow moving. All of the PTSD from Irma is bubbling back up.

I’m not sure if we will evacuate. Probably not. The reality is that we are in fact far enough inland to be safe – at least from water damage. And while there may be some damage, it should not be catastrophic. Of course we’ll leave if we have to. I’m just not sure to where yet.