Starting at around age 10, when my brothers and I received a Nintendo for Christmas, video games are something that have always been a part of my life.

At some point during my gaming career I discovered RPGs. First Dragon Warrior :heart: and later MMORPGs, starting with Anarchy Online. I was so in to AO, that I became an ARK - Advisor of Ruby-Ka (the world AO is based in) - where I volunteered my time to provide in-game support to other players.

Games are escapism. They are also spaces to meet new people and enjoy social time with your friends. Its like bowling. Or going to the club. Or whatever else people do with their friends.

As an adult I still play video games. I am really in to World of Warcraft right now. A game I have played off and on since it began in 2004.

Apparently some people think that gaming as an adult is unhealthy.

This tweet got a lot of attention. The majority of the replies are to reject this person’s take on adult gamers. Addiction to gaming is a certainty a thing. As with any addiction it can lead to depression. But to say that every adult gamer who plays video games for long periods of time is depressed - well thats just nonsense.