• Hurricane Ian

    We moved to Florida for the weather. But not this weather.

  • Make Success Less Hard

    I’m admittedly a bit lazy. I think the hustle culture is toxic. But I still want to succeed more and fail less. How is that possible while maintaining some sort of life balance. I still want to lay around and do nothing once in a while.

  • Using Refugees in Political Games

    Imagine refugees who have fled from a hopeless situation. Fled to give their families a better life. Fled to a country whose powers-that-be claim that they are Christians. Imagine luring those people onto plane, telling them that you are bringing them to a place where their working papers will be fast tracked so that they can start their new life. And then dumping those people. Men, women, and children. Dumping them in an unsuspecting town, without telling them where exactly they were, and leaving them there to fend for themselves. Third world stuff, right? Wrong.

  • Life Cycles

    Life is full of cycles. A common one for me revolves around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise. Food. Sleep. Meditation. Journalism. These things fall away and come back over and over again.

  • Adult Gamers

    Starting at around age 10, when my brothers and I received a Nintendo for Christmas, video games are something that have always been a part of my life.

  • Never Forget

    Yesterday was the anniversary of one of the most tragic events in US history. It feels like so long ago. Another lifetime. At the same time the memories of what happened that day are still vivid.

  • Two Hands, Ten Fingers, and a Brain

    Randomly, my sister and I had a brief discussion about the loss of a finger. Me: “Could you imagine trying to work with just 9 fingers?” Her: “No”.

  • Getting Rid of Everything

    This morning junk haulers came to my parents house. They trashed about 90% of what was in the house. The things that were left were momentos, things that we will keep with the house when it goes up for sale, and smaller things that we could manage to get rid of ourselves.

  • Deep Work

    At the beginning of the year I returned to the world of individual contribution. For the previous 3+ years I had been in a leadership position. Leadership started simple enough. Managing one or two people, not too many meetings, still able to write code a good chunk of the day. But by the end of year three I was managing 9 people, constantly in meetings, and never had the time to do meaningful work.

  • Don't Let Fear Stop You

    I’ve spent a lot of my life living in fear. Fear that others will find out that I’m a fraud. Fear that I’ll look foolish or uncool for being really in to a thing. It’s stopped me from progressing down a path and in the way that I really wanted to. For a long. Damn. Time.

  • Scooter Boy

    “Scooter boy … SCOOT SCOOT” I yell as I trot across the living room, pumping my fist like I was asking a truck driver to honk their horn.

  • Bootstrapping Motivation

    My father had a stroke at the beginning of June. He was the sole caretaker for my mother, who has Alzheimer’s. My family was thrown into a situation where we needed to step in as caretaker for both parents. There were lots of things to figure out.